NPC Details

Saradomin wizard
Combat LvL108

Where can it be found

Level three treasure trail clues


Wear dragonhide armour and wield a dragon dagger, along with an Elemental sheild, as it will provide the best magic defense bonuses. Make sure you have full prayer. Turn on protect melee and use all of your special attack bar on the wizard with your dagger. Then, either pull out another weapon such as an Abyssal whip or Dragon scimitar, or continue using the dagger to finish off the wizard.

Examine Message

A follower of Saradomin.


He will default attack you with a combination of melee and magic. If you protect from magic, he will use a dragon dagger against you, and if you protect from melee, he will use Saradomin strike. It is recommended to use range armour, and protect from melee.