NPC Details

Giant mole
Combat LvL230

Where can it be found

Mole Lair, Falador park


Players with around 70 attack, defence and strength, and 43 prayer should be able to tackle the Giant Mole pretty well. Take some good food (lobsters or better) as well as your melee gear. Take a dragon dagger p++ and use it first to poison the mole so it still loses hit points while it runs away from you.

Examine Message

Holy Mole-y!


You will need a light source to get into the dungeon (preferably a bullseye lantern as anything weaker will be blown out by the mole). The Mole skin and claws can be traded to Wyson the Gardener for birds' nests that may contain Tree seeds, Allotment seeds, a Rannar seed, and rings; also each time you receive an item along with an empty nest. (used for herblore). Big bones, mole claw, and mole skins are always dropped.